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Why Individuals Opt For Media Courses

Why Individuals Opt For Media Courses

A lot of individuals are looking for ways to help them have a better future. For one, individuals are studying hard to complete their course. Next, some individuals spend their time finding high-paying jobs. And, some individuals opt for training courses.

As of now, more and more individuals are opting for media courses. Apart from having numerous course options, individuals can also attain amazing benefits that can help them. To know more, below are some of the following reasons why.

To improve job opportunities

One of the main reasons why individuals opt for media courses is to gain better job opportunities. As of now, there are numerous individuals who are seeking jobs. However, due to the increasing number of applicants, standing out of the competition can be hard. Luckily, one of the best options to increase your job opportunity is to enroll in different types of training programmes like media courses. With such course, individuals can open better job opportunities and positions that can help improve their job search.

To enhance their skills and knowledge

The next reason why individuals opt for media courses is to enhance their skills and knowledge. When enrolling in media courses, individuals can opt for numerous lessons from print journalism, radio and TV journalism, public relations as well as online media. With all these options, individuals can improve their skills which can help them become better employees. Not to mention, some companies are looking for such employees to help them create numerous content that will be published in different platforms.

To make use of different media platforms

As mentioned above, individuals who enrolled in media courses will have the right skills and knowledge. Because of this, doing content for different platforms can be done easily. In addition, having sufficient knowledge about different media platforms will allow individuals to produce their own content and distribute it over social media. Because of this, you can improve your reputation which can increase your profits.

To boost their financial status

Finally, by having better job opportunities and positions, individuals can boost their financial status. Of course, dealing with financial needs can be very stressful. Plus, some job positions do not provide you with sufficient finances that can accommodate your needs. But, by having the right skills, you can find high-paying jobs which can help you make your future better.

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A Multi-Dollar Question To Instructors: Do You Know The Names of Your Students?

A Multi-Dollar Question To Instructors: Do You Know The Names of Your Students?

How do you feel when someone calls you by your name? Is it the feeling of love, care, and genuine interest or that of rejection, disdain, and repulsion? In truism, when someone addresses you with your name, the sentiments expressed in the former are experienced. However, when you are addressed with a mere title such as ‘hey boy’, ‘hello girl’, ‘Mr. Man’ and so forth, you feel that the person who addressed you is a distant person who hardly knows you and as such has an interest in your wellbeing. Indeed, instructors in educational institutions must endeavor to know the names of all the students in their tutelage. It is one of the essential ingredients that aids in oiling the wheels of the teaching and learning activities, assisting students to fully attain the expected learning outcomes. Also, being familiar and well versed in knowing the names of students is part of the classroom management skills that excellent instructors are expected to demonstrate.

Addressing a student by his/her name has an oasis of benefits. It aids in regulating and monitoring the behavioral patterns of students. This coincides with the popular maxim that says ‘As a result of propagating the ideal of goodness, God has assigned everyone a name’. This is true, in that, when a student realizes that an instructor knows him/her by name, s/he refrains from engaging in any unwarranted act with the fear of being fished out. Thus, it helps in regulating the moral and academic progress of the student in a positive way. A contrary situation would result in students being passive in class while exhibiting bad traits with the view that s/he cannot be identified.

In addition, students feel loved when instructors address them by their names. It is an indicator to them that they are also important and cherished. As such, they would want to return the affection to the instructor by striving very hard to excel in the subjects taught. On the other hand, students tend to perform poorly in the subjects handled by instructors who hardly take interest in them, thus, even caring to know their identities.

Moreover, calling the names of students when teaching and learning activity is in season, serves as a bait to keep them engrossed in the class discussions. This makes students active agents in the class, benefitting greatly from the lesson taught. Weaving them as part of the overall cloth of instruction reveals the academic potentials of even the shy and quiet student so that the instructor can carefully harness and nurture them for the student to achieve his/her optimum in their academic work.

Some instructors are overburdened with the task of familiarizing themselves with the names of their students. Yet, this is not a very painstaking activity. Instructors must first engage in student introductions of their names at the very first time of meeting them. Also, s/he must tell students to mention their names anytime they are commenting in class. Other instructors have realized that it is equally worthwhile knowing the names of students when they frequently use their leisure hours in going through the class lists and addressing students always with their names. If these strategies are put into force, within the shortest possible time, the instructor will be abreast with the names of all the students in his/her class.

Instructors must make the knowing of the names of their students a priority and it should be a great concern to them because it directly affects the teaching and learning activities in the classroom, either positively or negatively affecting the makeup of students. Thus, if you are an instructor, I am humbly asking you ‘do you know the names of your students?’

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Impact of CA & CS Coaching Classes For Your Future

Impact of CA & CS Coaching Classes For Your Future

Chartered Accountancy (CA) and Company Secretary (CS) courses are the preferred choice of students after completing Plus-Two. However, unlike engineering, medicine or MBA, the pass percentage is very small for these courses. The main reason is that cracking the CA or CS examination is indeed a tough task. Without proper guidance appearing for these examinations will be a waste of time and money. CA and CS coaching classes can have a positive impact on your future success. Any leading CA practitioners or rank holders will certainly agree to it.

To crack these examinations you should follow a systematic, well planned, comprehensive and concept based approach to the subject, and coaching classes will help you in achieving that goal. The question set not only covers the past papers but also the problems, which peep into the future.

To pass these tough examinations you need well qualified professors. Coaching centres will have experts with in-depth knowledge in the subjects. Their guidance will surely make a difference in your preparation. You get to learn the subject from the best in the field. They will simplify the study by tracking the latest amendments for you. If you are preparing on your own you won’t have these advantages. Coaching classes will make you more disciplined in your studies and can even motivate you.

To help students complete the course in time many private institutes are conducting top-notch coaching classes. They are exam oriented and objective. The students also get good insights into past exam trends and patterns. It also enables them to identify important topics and questions. They also get many updates and information from other students. All this will have a great impact on their future success.

If there are no good coaching centres near your home you can enrol for online CA or CS coaching. Preparing for CA and CS online is a recent trend among students. While preparing for the course they can take up any other job. Online coaching also gives them more freedom and also saves a lot of travel time. Another advantage is that they can choose any time of the day for the coaching. The video lectures can be viewed multiple times. These sites have set mock tests. The students will find CA and CS preparation materials as well. While they appear for study assessment questions online they are given instant feedbacks. They can receive tips from expert facilities for their preparation and take part in interactive online CA and CS workshops.

However, to pass the examination you will have to do a lot more than attend classes and take notes. Since you will be in contact with other students like you preparing for the same examinations, you will get their support and guidance. CA and CS coaching classes will give you an opportunity to network properly and keep updated with all the latest developments. If you make the most of all the facilities at coaching classes, it will certainly have a huge impact on your future success.

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Smart Sharks, Dumb People

Smart Sharks, Dumb People

Sharks have been on this earth for over 450 million years and counting. So it is safe to assume that they have the brain and tools that help them survive and even thrive in certain protected areas. They are perfect eating machines and do their job very well regardless of where they are found in the world.

With all the tools they possesses such as their lateral line, their superior eye sight, their electrical sensory system and their sense of smell makes this magnificent creature something to be admired and feared. If you are able to witness their ability to track and eat prey then it’s admiration but if you are that particular prey then it is to be feared.

So with all these tools that the shark has at its disposal it is obviously a superior predator regardless of its size or species. In fact, some shark species even eat their siblings in the mother shark’s body which is a true sign of a apex predator.

So when you add humans to the natural environment of the shark you get a potential predator versus prey situation that can and usually does end badly for the human. But based on the amount of people that enter the shark’s realm the true number of shark attacks is so small that you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning in your house. In fact the word attack is a bit of an exaggeration because the shark often bites just to see what it is and if it is worth eating.

Does this make the possibility of a shark attack less stressful? Absolutely not! When considering the prospect of a shark attack most people realize that the shark has the home court advantage. This advantage is further increased by dumb people entering the water at times and circumstances that should dictate caution but often basic rules of thumb are ignored

An analogy is the fact that most snake bites occur with males between the ages of 16 to 25 years of age and especially when alcohol is involved. Do shark attacks have certain triggers? I think so and maybe some that are not even considered.

The obvious mistakes that people make are; swimming after dark or at dusk, ignoring shark sighting signs, wearing flashy jewelry, swimming far offshore by themselves, splashing a lot in the water, going in the water when sharks are sighted, have a cut that is bleeding and going in the water that is especially murky.

I also think that the changing of the tide especially on the moon tide could be a problem that hasn’t been looked at carefully. When the tides change larger fish come closer to shore to feed on smaller bait fish which in turn brings the ultimate predator to the feast. If a person is swimming at this time they are putting themselves in harm’s way without even realizing it. So a moon tide might be something to be considered when entering the shark’s domain.

Are people dumb all the time? Probably not, especially when considering that surfers routinely enter the water even when sharks are known to be in the area or have attacked other surfers. So there is a certain risk/reward formula that surfers use to weigh the odds of an attack as opposed to having a great day of surfing. Most surfers win that bet day in and day out but a small percentage lose and lose big!

Also, all the waders and shallow water swimmers that frolic in the ocean all these people can not be dumb but at times very foolish when they disobey common sense rules. The problem is if some one visits the ocean from a land locked state or country the basic rules of safety are not even known to them. So if you are a visitor to a ocean vacation spot do a little research on the sea creatures, rip tides and even weather conditions. There is no need to have tragedy visit you while on vacation

Sometimes it is possible to repel sharks before they bite people in certain circumstances by using a shark repellent such as shark bio barrier but there is no guaranteed solution to shark attacks except for not entering the water under any circumstances.

Your chances are excellent for enjoying the ocean and coming out unscathed.

Many types of shark deterrents may help keep sharks away from humans. There are magnetic devises, acoustic devises and all natural repellents such as shark bio barrier

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