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Parallels in Teaching and the Presidency

Parallels in Teaching and the Presidency

I’ve spent a lot of time as a teacher. In fact, I’ve been in the field actively for over fifteen years. My teaching experience includes every subject you can think of and every age group from Kindergarten right up to adults.

I’ve served in many different capacities from teacher to supervisor/ vice principalship to mentor of new teachers, behavioral intervention specialist and others ultimately earning tenure.

But what I have not had much experience with is politics. I’ve truly never had an interest due to the fact that I could see literally every politician lie and cheat to further themselves or their businesses on a local and national level.

So I never had much interest in learning about the arguments of each “side” (of course, as everyone intuitively knows, both the left and right wings belong to the same creature). I couldn’t have told you the difference between a liberal and a conservative or anything else.

I’m registered Independent because I don’t want to be put in a box and feel compelled to choose a candidate based on party loyalty because that sounds pretty shallow to me.

I was only concerned about policy and, honestly, nine out of ten times the choices were the equivalent of a rock and a hard place.

But last years’ presidential election was a learning experience for me and I took notice of what was going on and the workings of the parties as well.

In doing so I not only learned about politics, but I couldn’t help but draw some parallels between what had gone on with presidencies and my occupation as a teacher.

I’ve watched teachers from a unique perspective as a mentor, having seen teachers grow from relative novices to confident and capable teachers.


Other times, I had to watch people just not cut out for the job hopelessly flounder.

I thought back to Jimmy Carter and his well meaning but sort of weak presidency, marred by failures like the hostage crisis. Here was a parallel where the teacher (President) led almost accidentally out of the pure fact that the position was his.

Then there’s Ronald Reagan, who was sort of like watching a retired general walk into the classroom. Not looking to make friends, looking to do business and not listen to a lick of backtalk, Reagan strutted his stuff with the air of a cool, collected character.

Along came Bill Clinton and he was able to accomplish a lot of things like whittling away on the national debt. Unfortunately, Bill did well only until a number of extracurricular activities with the faculty and staff marred his accomplishments forever.

The second President Bush was like the teacher who came through and made jokes with you, tried to give you a laugh and still get things done. Of course, never materializing weapons of mass destruction and arguably unwinnable and unnecessary wars were akin to the teacher who went off on endless tangents and wasted a lot of valuable classroom time.

Eight years ago or so, President Obama took office and promised hope and change for one and all. Not a wholly original political promise, he came across kind of as the substitute teacher everyone made fun of.

Indeed, the entire classroom became quite unruly. Leaders of other classrooms even poked their heads in the door to watch the mayhem.

They saw students throwing balls of paper and shooting spitballs at his head whenever he turned around to teach. They saw some of his students insult him right to his face without him even taking action to defend himself.

And the lack of respect the students had for him gave him a reputation with the other teachers as the weakest teacher in the entire school.

He did make one slightly bold move to try and give a hard time to one of the other classroom teachers, but was simply laughed at and told formally and publicly that his substitute teaching gig was over soon and they couldn’t wait for the real teacher to return.

And, at the time of this writing, the teacher doesn’t return for a few more weeks.

But you can see that the students know a return to strict classroom management is on the horizon.

Without even taking office, Donald J. Trump has commanded the respect of his classroom by returning thousands and thousands of jobs to the classroom before he even writes his name on the board for the first time.

Students and teachers from other classrooms can clearly see what is going on and are falling into line, getting ready to deal with a true leader who will stand for no shenanigans.

On January 20, 2017, President Trump will have a batch of new assignments and even some extra credit for those willing to work hard. He’ll also be handing out tardy slips, demerits and detention for those not willing to be part of the student body.

Already, we see a line of students sitting quietly in their seats with their hands folded and the floors and classroom area neat and tidy. This is a great sign of a well run and efficient classroom environment.

We’ve had a couple hundred years of same old same old politics and enormous disappointment. Or, as Obama has said, “Okie Doke”.

Now, with Trump, we will have a confident if unconventional leader at the head of the classroom.

There’s no reason to feel negative about this, in fact, it’s the first time in my life I’ve felt enthusiastically optimistic about a President and for the ultimate potential of the country we love and live in.

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Tips To Help You Get Ready To Receive Your School Exam Results

Tips To Help You Get Ready To Receive Your School Exam Results

Sitting an exam is one thing and it is quite another to receive results for the same. No matter how prepared and confident most students are when sitting for their exams, there always seem to be some sort of anxiousness and nervousness when it is finally time to receive the exam results. This is especially the case when your exam performance determines whether you go to the next level or not. It is not fun to keep retaking exams and therefore most students hope to pass. The thought of failure seems to freak almost everyone out, but there are a few things that you can do to prepare for the results.

1. Remind yourself that you gave the exam your best. This is one of the easiest ways of keeping calm and maintaining cool when the results are about to be released. You studied hard and prepared for the exams the best way you could so you are bound to get what you really deserve. Go over your preparation period and convince yourself that you are a success no matter what to calm your nerves down.

2. Get your mind off the results. If you are too anxious to do anything else or to think of anything else, you only make it worse when you sit around doing nothing. Why not find an engaging activity to help you keep your mind off the results. You can engage in interesting exercises or take a session at the gym to try create a diversion as you await to receive the results. The less you think about the results the less you will worry yourself over the unknown.

3. Be ready to accept the results. Acceptance is very important and no matter what grades you get, you should be ready to accept them. If your performance is impressive them celebrate how you want and if it is not as satisfying then at least remember that you can always retake or have a remark of the same. There is really no reason to take drastic actions simply because you did not perform as expected, so be ready to accept whatever comes your way.

4. Choose the best channel to get the results. Most schools make it possible for students to find results on their website and some offer codes that can be dialed via mobile phone for the results to be accessed. Such channels are convenient if you want to get your results fast and easy without leaving the comfort of your home, but some prefer the traditional method of going physically to the school to get results. Choose the channel you are most comfortable with so you have the privacy that you may need when opening the results or you may have the company you find appropriate for the same. Some would rather be alone, others with fellow students and teachers, whereas others feel more at ease around family.

5. Know who to turn to in case you need assistance. You may want to have someone on standby to offer you necessary support or advice as soon as you open your results. It is best that you select this person beforehand; it could be a trusted teacher, or a close family member or friend.

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We Are What We Create

We Are What We Create

Life is what we make of it. It is the product of our struggles, failures, fears and successes. Sometimes we have helped along the way. But most of the times, we get there on our own. However, life is too short, that’s why we have to give our best effort to achieve our maximum potential. The key is to find the tools to help us live, rather than simply exist.

Oftentimes, people are confused about who is in charge of their lives and why certain things happen and others do not. It is very important that we live our life to the fullest. I realized that nothing can make my life fulfilled. Most people look outside of themselves for their happiness. However, true fulfillment and satisfaction are within each one of us if we take the time to look for it.

The journey towards happiness and contentment actually starts with our being acquainted with ourselves; deciding what is important to us and what is not important to us; finding those experiences that help us to grow and develop our potential and our possibilities which vary from person to person; and our willingness to let go of the things that are not important to us in order to be who it is that we think we ought to be.

So often, we become fixated on someone or something and we forget the real nature of our true existence and the true meaning of our lives. It is important to handle our stress, to eat properly, sleep properly, to relax and to have a balanced life with appropriate recreational activities to renew ourselves and our lives. Optimizing our lifestyle is a very positive contributor to a positive outlook in life. It is one of the most powerful and positive decisions that we can make. A balanced lifestyle positively contributes to positive change and growth.

There might be obstacles along the way, but we need to realize that everything depends on our choice of what we want our life would be. Nobody is perfect. Each of us has flaws. We just differ on the degree of our failing or pitfalls in life.

We need to learn how to tolerate other people’s viewpoints and perspectives. There might be people who easily judge their fellow but we should not let them affect us.We are the masters of our fate. We are what we are because we choose it to be.

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How To Choose The Best Training Institutes

How To Choose The Best Training Institutes

If you are looking for the best training institutes that can help you gain more knowledge and enhance your skills in your area of expertise, it is always an advantage to opt for those with experience. There are training institutes you can find that are willing to supply their qualified graduates to meet this demand and with this, you can surely benefit.

Among the most common and lucrative job positions right now involve events and media. The thing about these industries is that jobs in them are not normally covered by traditional university majors. If you’re interested in an event management degree or in taking media courses, there are schools that specialize in these careers.

These training institutes or centers may not have been around as long as the colleges and universities, but they have quickly established themselves in the field of media communication, advertising, and event management. Understandably, different institutes also differ in quality, so make sure that you research as much as you can about your prospects and look into their track record.

Among the things that you need to check when choosing the best training institutes in Dubai are the following:

– The faculty

– The active industry professionals teaching their courses

– Their connections

– Their networks

You want to attend an institute that gets its students opportunities for the best internships. It should also be able to help its students secure their break into their chosen careers through its agency contacts and participation in live events. Naturally, you want to go to a school with courses that are ratified by various industry associations. You want employers and HR professionals to be impressed by your training, so it’s good to attend an institute that has an good status.

Find an institute that is a member of the largest vocational accreditation board. If your institute has such an accreditation, it means that any certification from it is relevant, practical, and global. Attending the right institute could mean a world of difference for your career. Not only will you be given top notch training that will feed you correct and up-to-date information as well as hone your skills, but you will also be steered toward opportunities that could very well be the beginnings of a successful career. Taking courses could be the first step to the future you wish for.

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