Ellen White and the Importance of Private School

Ellen White and the Importance of Private School

images (1)In today’s public schools the methods are largely counterproductive. Students who attend them are at risk. Public education reflects the separations and divisions which we find in the social life. Public schools neither nourish the spirit nor educate the mind of the young people. Despite the continuing failure, it is difficult to discuss with government leaders and teacher unions all the issues that affect the ability of public schooling to do more and better. Great teachers are extremely hard to find in public schools. The government school system fails to challenge students. And we know that our kids need to be pushed harder. Sometimes I think public school will never change, because it is running exactly how the government wants it to run. The quality of schooling is far worse today than it was in the 1950s.

So what is a parent or a citizen to do? The goal is to find a school that will meet your child’s needs. Of course, public schooling is only one among many possible approaches to education.Surely private school can support a student-centered method. Young people need settings that help them to develop strong values and moral vision. In good religious institutions they can share common values and aspirations. Private school provides a proper atmosphere for learning where students feel cared about. They combine rigor and relationships. In private schools children are far less likely to experience physical danger and the demoralizing effects of vandalism.

The Christian author Ellen G. White observes that “character cannot be bought; it must be formed by stern efforts”. According to her, we really need schools and institutions where students can form character and real independence of mind far away from the “corrupting influences so prevalent in the schools of the present day”. In her first essay on this issue, Ms. White states that working with youthful minds is the most delicate of tasks. The fact of the matter is that the future of our society will be determined by the youth of today. So, there can be no more important work than the proper education of young people. While society slowly debates the issue, private schools have taken the practical road and acquiesced to the key research findings on education and to the old truths for the instruction of kids.Today children have not had proper orientation at home; they have been severely neglected. We must consider then that these children have everything to learn. Private school is not panacea, but our youth deserve the extra boost that a community of caring, competence, and high expectations offers.

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