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Talent strategy

Talent Strategy
The implementation of the strategy of strengthening the enterprise with qualified personnel is the strategic requirement of the sustained and healthy development of the group company, and the intrinsic motivation of the group company in technological innovation and leapfrog development. It is not only related to the process of scientific research and production, business development, reform and development of the group companies, but also to the prosperous development of group companies, and it is also of great significance to the implementation of major national projects. In order to further emancipate the mind, reform and innovate, follow the rules of market economy and the growth of space personnel, according to the principle of "service development, talent priority, use-oriented, innovation mechanism, high-end leadership and overall development" Stratified and differentiated management, firmly grasp the key links such as talent selection, use, education and stay, take the scientific development of service group as the basic starting point, focus on training high-level and innovative talents, innovate human resources development and management Model, optimize the structure of personnel, improve the quality of the talent team and stimulate the vitality of the talent team, in order to further enhance the company's core competitiveness and sustainable development ability, and better promote the scientific development of the Group to provide a strong organizational guarantee, personnel assurance and intelligence stand by.
First of all, we should make full use of the talent resources at home and abroad, attract, gather and accomplish all kinds of talented people, establish and perfect mechanisms for selecting, using, cultivating, evaluating and motivating talents that are open, competitive, selective and standardized as required by the new system and vigorously promote talent Market-oriented, professional, professional and international development, and strive to build a moderate scale, professional support, structural optimization, quality of qualified personnel. Among the on-the-job staff and workers, the proportion of scientific and technical personnel engaged in pre-research activities in full-time reaches 15%; among professional and technical personnel, the proportion of qualified personnel with postgraduate education reaches 30%; the proportion of college graduates and above achieves 75%; , With a high proportion of professional and technical personnel to 20%; skilled personnel, with the proportion of technicians and above occupational qualification level of 10%. Talent competitive advantage to further enhance the continual improvement of the competitiveness of the team, significantly improve the efficiency of personnel input.
Secondly, the Group Company will comprehensively promote the construction of qualified personnel through the implementation of five major talent plans:
Implement high-level talent pooling plan. Focus on the development of model companies and industrial development needs, track related fields and professional high-level scientific and technical experts and excellent professional managers, the establishment of dynamic information base, innovative selection, the establishment of special funds, to take special measures to attract and gather 100 Around the high-level experts and senior professional managers at home and abroad to the group, to carry out major construction projects and industrial development and management work.
Implementation of innovative talent development plan. Focus on the sustainable development of space technology and the need to enhance its international competitiveness, and strive to cultivate and create a group of top-notch innovative science and technology talents with influence at home and abroad. We will make efforts to build 5 laboratories and 10 scientific and technological personnel named by high-level experts Innovation team, focusing on selecting and training 50 young science and technology innovation experts with potential for development to encourage and support the research and development of leading-edge technology in aerospace and industrial development.
Implement high-skilled personnel training program. Focusing on the needs of the Group's model product manufacturing and equipment manufacturing and the development of the industry, we should improve the level and quality of skilled personnel through improving policies on training, evaluation, use and motivation.