Smart Sharks, Dumb People

Smart Sharks, Dumb People

Sharks have been on this earth for over 450 million years and counting. So it is safe to assume that they have the brain and tools that help them survive and even thrive in certain protected areas. They are perfect eating machines and do their job very well regardless of where they are found in the world.

With all the tools they possesses such as their lateral line, their superior eye sight, their electrical sensory system and their sense of smell makes this magnificent creature something to be admired and feared. If you are able to witness their ability to track and eat prey then it’s admiration but if you are that particular prey then it is to be feared.

So with all these tools that the shark has at its disposal it is obviously a superior predator regardless of its size or species. In fact, some shark species even eat their siblings in the mother shark’s body which is a true sign of a apex predator.

So when you add humans to the natural environment of the shark you get a potential predator versus prey situation that can and usually does end badly for the human. But based on the amount of people that enter the shark’s realm the true number of shark attacks is so small that you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning in your house. In fact the word attack is a bit of an exaggeration because the shark often bites just to see what it is and if it is worth eating.

Does this make the possibility of a shark attack less stressful? Absolutely not! When considering the prospect of a shark attack most people realize that the shark has the home court advantage. This advantage is further increased by dumb people entering the water at times and circumstances that should dictate caution but often basic rules of thumb are ignored

An analogy is the fact that most snake bites occur with males between the ages of 16 to 25 years of age and especially when alcohol is involved. Do shark attacks have certain triggers? I think so and maybe some that are not even considered.

The obvious mistakes that people make are; swimming after dark or at dusk, ignoring shark sighting signs, wearing flashy jewelry, swimming far offshore by themselves, splashing a lot in the water, going in the water when sharks are sighted, have a cut that is bleeding and going in the water that is especially murky.

I also think that the changing of the tide especially on the moon tide could be a problem that hasn’t been looked at carefully. When the tides change larger fish come closer to shore to feed on smaller bait fish which in turn brings the ultimate predator to the feast. If a person is swimming at this time they are putting themselves in harm’s way without even realizing it. So a moon tide might be something to be considered when entering the shark’s domain.

Are people dumb all the time? Probably not, especially when considering that surfers routinely enter the water even when sharks are known to be in the area or have attacked other surfers. So there is a certain risk/reward formula that surfers use to weigh the odds of an attack as opposed to having a great day of surfing. Most surfers win that bet day in and day out but a small percentage lose and lose big!

Also, all the waders and shallow water swimmers that frolic in the ocean all these people can not be dumb but at times very foolish when they disobey common sense rules. The problem is if some one visits the ocean from a land locked state or country the basic rules of safety are not even known to them. So if you are a visitor to a ocean vacation spot do a little research on the sea creatures, rip tides and even weather conditions. There is no need to have tragedy visit you while on vacation

Sometimes it is possible to repel sharks before they bite people in certain circumstances by using a shark repellent such as shark bio barrier but there is no guaranteed solution to shark attacks except for not entering the water under any circumstances.

Your chances are excellent for enjoying the ocean and coming out unscathed.

Many types of shark deterrents may help keep sharks away from humans. There are magnetic devises, acoustic devises and all natural repellents such as shark bio barrier

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