We Are What We Create

We Are What We Create

Life is what we make of it. It is the product of our struggles, failures, fears and successes. Sometimes we have helped along the way. But most of the times, we get there on our own. However, life is too short, that’s why we have to give our best effort to achieve our maximum potential. The key is to find the tools to help us live, rather than simply exist.

Oftentimes, people are confused about who is in charge of their lives and why certain things happen and others do not. It is very important that we live our life to the fullest. I realized that nothing can make my life fulfilled. Most people look outside of themselves for their happiness. However, true fulfillment and satisfaction are within each one of us if we take the time to look for it.

The journey towards happiness and contentment actually starts with our being acquainted with ourselves; deciding what is important to us and what is not important to us; finding those experiences that help us to grow and develop our potential and our possibilities which vary from person to person; and our willingness to let go of the things that are not important to us in order to be who it is that we think we ought to be.

So often, we become fixated on someone or something and we forget the real nature of our true existence and the true meaning of our lives. It is important to handle our stress, to eat properly, sleep properly, to relax and to have a balanced life with appropriate recreational activities to renew ourselves and our lives. Optimizing our lifestyle is a very positive contributor to a positive outlook in life. It is one of the most powerful and positive decisions that we can make. A balanced lifestyle positively contributes to positive change and growth.

There might be obstacles along the way, but we need to realize that everything depends on our choice of what we want our life would be. Nobody is perfect. Each of us has flaws. We just differ on the degree of our failing or pitfalls in life.

We need to learn how to tolerate other people’s viewpoints and perspectives. There might be people who easily judge their fellow but we should not let them affect us.We are the masters of our fate. We are what we are because we choose it to be.

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